Audio Streaming Ad Insertion Solution

Case Study

Audio Streaming Ad Insertion Solution

We unlocked new advertising markets with innovative Audio Streaming Ad Insertion Solution

About the client

AdsWizz is a global provider of Audio Streaming Ad Insertion Solution that spans ad servers, exchanges, supply-side platforms, and demand-side platforms for desktop and mobile. The company serves ads through internet radio channels, music websites, streaming videos, and iPhone applications for clients including Amazon, Coca-Cola, and Dell. One of the most successful Belgian startups, AdsWizz has moved its headquarters to San Mateo, California, but maintains a worldwide presence with offices in Brussels, Paris, Berlin, and London.

Audio Streaming Ad Insertion Solution

Key features

Monetize content

Monetize content

Deliver targeted  ads

Deliver targeted ads

Increase market presence

Increase market presence

Industry: Media, Advertising

Headquarters: San Mateo, CA

Market: US, European

Team size: 4 members

Duration: 5 years


Boost / FreeBSD / GCC / GDB / Libavcodec / Libfftw / Linux / Microsoft Visual C++ / OProfile / Solaris / Valgrind / Windows / Windows Media SDK

AdsWizz came with the challenge

The growing audience of online media consumers poses challenges to advertisers and digital media publishers alike. How can publishers efficiently monetize their multimedia content? How can advertisers place ads in streaming audio? AdsWizz found a solution for serving targeted digital ads to listeners – injecting ads into audio streams from major streaming servers. Due to the novelty of this solution and its performance and stability requirements, implementation was very demanding and required thorough technical and business research to prove the concept. AdsWizz partnered with BitsByteSoft to tackle this product development challenge because of our reputation and technical expertise.

BitsByteSoft provided audio streaming software development services

The innovative Audio Ad Insertion solution that we designed in collaboration with our client unlocked new markets for AdsWizz. Leading digital media providers including AM/FM simulcast broadcasters and digital broadcasters now rely on AdsWizz to monetize their content through server-side injection of targeted advertising. Ad insertion solution for streaming audio, which runs on powerful media servers, has been seamlessly integrated into AdsWizz’s proprietary campaign management platform.

BitsByteSoft designed and implemented unique algorithms that detect ad breaks by listening to unmarked audio streams, performing real-time audio fingerprinting, and inserting inaudible signals to mark places to insert ads between tracks. Our team also developed plugins for third-party servers that hook and intercept their streams. BitsByteSoft ensured the robustness, stability, and performance of the Audio Ad Insertion system. We performed intensive stress testing by imitating a real-life production environment and exposing the setup to exaggerated levels of traffic streamed to tens and hundreds of thousands of listeners.

What did our client get?

Extensive technical research and established development process for committed team members for a long-term project integration with popular media servers, networks, and interfaces support for various formats (RTMP, HLS, MP4, MP3, AAC)An algorithm that determines a listener’s geolocationOpen source development for video and podcast online servers ability to intercept HTTP/TCP traffic between a server and an end-user

We achieved great results together

During five years of partnership, BitsByteSoft proved its expertise in every aspect of product development, from R&D activities, business analysis, development, and quality control to post-deployment and L3 support. With our support, AdsWizz made a notable leap from a Belgian AdTech startup to a Silicon Valley company. Another success of their product is that Pandora, one of the most popular US music services, has bought the company. The acquisition process started in March 2018 and was successfully completed in May 2018. We’re proud of our client’s success and our contribution to that in the early stages of their growth.

We helped AdsWizz

  • Increase their technical expertise in streaming, ad insertion, and big data analytics
  • Secure a prime place in the US and European digital media advertising markets
  • Achieve recording system stability
  • Deliver a fault-tolerant audio ad insertion technology
  • Generate a continuous revenue flow from publishers and end customers
  • Increase conversions with in-demand virtual features
  • Insert ads at 3 Gbit/s into multiple media streams on a single server
  • Benefit from a 400% performance advantage over competing products
  • Serve ads to up to 100,000 listeners
  • Ensure quality of software for live audio streaming over a highly stable connection

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