Deep Learning And Neural Network

Deep Learning And Neural Network

Deep Learning And Neural Network consulting

BitsByteSoft applies Deep Learning And Neural Network technological expertise in Machine Learning Ai and artificial intelligence development services to help clients deliver personalization and customer convenience at scale. Our R&D capabilities and artificial intelligence software development for rapid prototyping and custom machine learning solutions empower clients to tap into unseen market segments, become more efficient, and achieve measurable business outcomes. BitsByteSoft strives to delight customers and augment businesses by delivering AI software solutions and machine learning development services.

Our services


BitsByteSoft machine learning consultants provide strategic guidance throughout ML development projects. Starting with goal-setting and analysis of your business processes and data sources, we offer scenarios for business process optimization with machine learning algorithms, define the expected results, select technologies, and outline the development scope.


Depending on the available data and outlined business goals, we offer optimal ML modeling algorithms. To prepare rich and healthy data sets for effective modeling, we handle all data-related processes, including data collection, cleansing, and structuring. We use ready-made ML models as well as build custom ones, assessing their effectiveness so that trained data fulfill its business tasks correctly and stably.


We shape ML models into fully functioning AI solutions or integrate them into enterprise software to augment its capabilities. Our ML experts ensure that machine learning solutions operate smoothly within software ecosystems and perform properly without jeopardizing the integrity and operation of deployed systems.

ML model development

As part of machine learning services, BitsByteSoft builds, trains, validates, and deploys tailored ML models that discover patterns and learn from the provided datasets and historical data. Our team delivers custom models that become the basis of intelligent business solutions adjusted to your specific requirements.


BitsByteSoft enriches ready-made ML models with custom data pre-processing scripts for vectorizing data, removing outliers and correlations. Uploading the prepared dataset, we configure ML models in line with your objectives.


BitsByteSoft runs training algorithms that find dependencies across disparate datasets, including structured and unstructured, human-generated and system-provided data.


Our engineers evaluate the results generated by ML models and fine-tune their parameters continuously until the results become acceptable.


Our team wraps the ML model source code into a separate container, publishing it to the required platform, so you can start getting benefits from freshly generated data.

Our machine learning solutions

Data mining

At BitsByteSoft, we develop custom algorithms to accumulate, structure and sort out large sets of raw data to trace insightful patterns that can be further used in data-driven research, forecasting, and decision-making.

  • Association
  • Anomaly detection
  • Classification
  • Inference
  • Clustering

Natural language processing

BitsByteSoft machine learning experts build applications to decipher, interpret, and extract value from unstructured written and oral natural language. We also help companies across various industries to leverage the NLP outcomes in their daily workflows.

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Speech-to-text conversion
  • Spam filtering
  • Semantic analysis
  • Voice UI

Computer vision

Our machine learning consulting company implements image processing and ML algorithms to develop optical character, image and video recognition solutions that understand and predict visual input.

  • Face recognition
  • Biometric verification
  • Medical image analysis
  • Visual search and identity
  • Scene understanding

Robotic process automation

BitsByteSoft develops ML solutions that can assist or substitute employees in repetitive activities. These solutions help reduce the staff’s overall effort, minimize the risk of human errors, and make daily processes more productive.

  • Application configuration
  • Data search
  • Data entry and load
  • Report generation
  • Data validation

Recommendation engines

Our team implements recommender systems based on collaborative filtering, user demographics and preferences. We utilize ready-to-use services like Strands, Azure Machine Learning, and Google Cloud, and build the solutions from scratch with Hadoop, Spark and Python deep learning libraries.

Machine learning consulting in the business context

Built at the intersection of data mining, reporting, visualization, recognition APIs, and advanced ML models, machine learning apps by BitsByteSoft provide you with a 360-degree view of your customer and business performance, while offering personalized recommendations and automating business processes.

Enterprise analytics

Stemming from data science, our solutions are designed to single out valuable insights into enterprise performance and risks. With this information, decision-makers can have a clear understanding of market conditions, industry trends, and customer behavior, as well as take well-grounded steps to develop their enterprises further.

Smart customer insights

We introduce intelligent assistants and recommendation engines as part of CX initiatives, to help companies increase their service personalization and win their customers’ loyalty. Our applications cover the entire continuum of business-to-customer relationships and analyze volumes of data for vital knowledge about customers.

Intelligent business automation

We apply our industry expertise to help enterprises adopt machine learning solutions as part of their business automation programs. Our systems foster enterprise processes at different levels, from sophisticated business planning and strategizing to commonplace emailing and surveying, all based on finely tuned ML models.


We rely on pre-trained third-party services that offer image, gesture and video processing, speech recognition, text analytics, semantic search, and bot development tools. Ready-to-use interactive canvas coupled with pre-configured components enable us to jumpstart custom classification and regression model development for your particular business case.


  • Amazon Machine Learning
  • Amazon Rekognition
  • Amazon Lex
  • Amazon Polly


  • Azure Machine Learning
  • Azure Cognitive Services
  • Language Understanding Intelligent Service
  • Azure Bot Service and Bot Framework

Google Cloud

  • Cloud Machine Learning Engine
  • Cloud Vision API
  • Cloud Natural Language
  • Cloud Speech API
  • Dialogflow


Python is our top choice for versatile machine learning projects owing to its flexibility and stability. With a plethora of ready-to-use frameworks and libraries, such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Scikit-learn and Pandas, there are almost no ML tasks impossible in Python.


R is part of our ML technology stack that allows us to excel in complex data analysis and visualization projects. With a multitude of available packages, R is our must-have tool for statistical modeling, plotting, and data exploration.


We rely on C++ when it comes to creating highly performing machine learning models from scratch. The power of C++ is exactly what we use to deliver custom ML solutions with sophisticated features, particularly in areas requiring processing of audio, video and images.


Java is our programming language of choice for handling data science and deep learning challenges and preparing data for ML modeling. We include Java in our toolkit to deal with all types of neural networks and apply open-source ML frameworks efficiently.

What do you get from AI and ML development services?

AI development services across various industries

AI development services are mainstream. Most companies across industries are striving to adopt open-source and commercially available AI and machine learning solutions. Still, the market demands custom AI solutions for narrow needs. Adoption of AI development services goes hand in hand with the adoption of other technologies.

Integration of custom machine learning development and artificial intelligence software development with IoT and edge computing is expected to bring new possibilities for global businesses. Despite fears of AI stealing today’s jobs, people and machines should work together as a team to unleash the full potential of this technology. The AI augmentation of human engineering capabilities is expected to be key to the success of AI-integrated solutions.

Most common AI development services you can get

When integrating machine learning and AI software solutions into business needs, you have to clearly define the deliverables you’ll get at each stage. Early adopters of AI development services may benefit from labeled data sets for evaluation and training of machine learning models, advanced analytics for data-driven predictions, and automation of routine tasks.

Moving forward, AI adopters can integrate already designed and trained neural networks into their machine learning solutions to increase efficiency at a lower cost. Another scenario is to introduce computer vision technology to recognize critical objects from video or another multimedia data source. When finalizing your AI implementation, you should approach a mix of machine learning solutions and models and integrate tools to visualize business outcomes.

Business outcomes of AI software solution adoption

After implementing AI and machine learning development services to optimize defined business functions, you may need to evaluate the benefits that AI software solutions bring. Some benefits will be common for all companies, such as automation of routine tasks, enhanced analytics, and increased efficiency thanks to better processing of large data volumes.

Other business outcomes may differ across industries. Retail companies may expect an increase in sales and reduced customer churn due to improved targeting of customers’ needs and tapping into new market segments. The automotive and urban mobility sectors will win from autonomous vehicles, financial services will gain improved security and fraud detection, and healthcare will benefit from automated medical diagnoses.

Industries we serve



Process large volumes of data generated by connected cars, as well as integrate in-vehicle apps with cloud automotive services



Take advantage of intelligent approaches to supervising financial services and affordable flexibility offered by cloud computing



Unify data across the supply chain and leverage advanced cloud capabilities, such as AI and Big Data, to drive maximum value for customers



Leverage the power of cloud to get accurate prediction on products that are in demand by different markets and adjust production respectively

Real Estate

Real Estate

Improve occupants’ experience and manage spaces more effectively with cloud-based analytics powered by ML algorithms



Bring multiple pieces of data together to accelerate the shift to smarter fleet management, as well as enhance transportation and logistics services



Migrate to a cloud-based network architecture and implement cloud-native approach to extend your offering with next-gen digital services


We’re driving digital transformation in national healthcare by developing medical apps for doctors and patients to facilitate their interactions

Customer Success Stories

Drone Data Platform for Safe and Regulated Flights

We helped to create software for drones to pursue a safe and collaborative future for regulated drone flights

IoT Solution for a Smart Building Ecosystem

We helped deliver a smart building solution that relies on extensive IoT functionality and connected sensors

Smart Connectivity to Redefine Consumers Behavior

We helped reinvent the everyday consumption of goods that our client provides to 150 million consumers worldwide

Real-Time Advertising Platform

We are helping make a mobile-first ad exchange platform the number-one marketplace for world’s biggest advertisers and publishers

Security Assessment of a Car Head Unit

We offered a proven solution to enhance the safety and digital security of high-tech cars

Cost-Effective 3D Object Detection for Autonomous Vehicles

We used stereovision and mathematical algorithms to simulate Lidar signals without compromising quality

Data-Driven Protocols for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

We helped equip German premium cars with the most advanced driver assistance functions on the market

3D Mapping Solutions for Data Visualization

We’re helping the world’s top location expert build comprehensive 3D mapping solutions for data visualization

High-End Concept Design for Connected Car-Sharing Solution

We have designed an innovative human machine interface (HMI) application to bring the connected car-sharing customer experience to a new…

ANPR-based Automated Payment Solution as a Compelling Differentiator for Brands

We’ve developed a contactless automated payment system that can give a competitive edge to merchants and service providers

Machine Learning Ai

Pedestrian Tracking & Collision Prediction to Enhance Mobility Safety

We’ve developed software for detecting pedestrians and predicting their trajectories by leveraging the potential of Kalman filtering

Data Analytics Platform for Sales and Marketing Insights

We’re developing a big data analytics platform to help a global tire producer activate sales opportunities by discovering regional potential

Employee Management Software for Enhanced Telecom Workplace Services

We’re building all-in-one employee management software to create exceptional workplace experiences in handling daily routines

deep learning and neural network

Smart Facility & Energy Management System Software

We developed a software suite for a facility, energy, and workplace management system

Microservice Architecture to Optimize Supply Chain Management and Logistics

We’re helping one of the world’s top tire manufacturers get through digital transformation with a sophisticated microservice platform

Logistics System to Orchestrate Product Management Processes

We’re developing a fully fledged backend middleware platform to streamline logistics operations and supply chain management

DevOps for Enterprises Services to Ensure Secure Platform Development Environment

We’ve applied DevOps for enterprises platform design and development solution for a Fortune 500 retailer Key features

Big Data for Retailers: A Platform for Equipment Monitoring in Supply Chains

We’ve developed a real-time big data analytics and temperature monitoring platform for a network of 125 stores in the Baltic…

Frequently Asked Questions about Machine Learning & AI Development Services

What is your pricing for custom programming services?

BitsByteSoft provides flexible and adjustable pricing models for our custom programming services, with the option to combine different engagement models for specific services within the same project. Every engagement is unique, and estimates for the cost of custom application development services may vary depending on the complexity of the project and your desired involvement in the management of the development team.

What does your model of cooperation for custom-built software development look like?

At BitsByteSoft, we work with custom programming projects of any size, scale, and complexity. We pick the cooperation model that’s most suitable depending on a client’s previous experience and needs as well as the project’s complexity: dedicated development team, managed delivery, or product development. Each of these models covers a different set of needs and entails a different way in which our experts engage in developing custom-built software — performing exclusively engineering tasks; managing a full range of engineering projects, supervised teams, or programs; or developing a holistic product from the initial idea stage through bringing it to the market.

Can you describe your remote communication process while delivering custom application development services?

BitsByteSoft will establish a successful framework for remote communication between your in-house team and your remote BitsByteSoft team at the start of your custom application development project. In order to allocate a sufficient amount of time for initial team alignment and knowledge transfer, the BitsByteSoft team will adjust its work schedule to achieve a better time overlap. We will communicate with the tools you prefer to use with a custom application development company.

How does BitsByteSoft enhance the professional development of its employees?

As a leading custom application development company, we pay attention to the continuous growth of our employees and their job satisfaction. We’ve established a Professional Development Department whose responsibility is to provide high-quality education for BitsByteSoft employees. All employees have their own Personal Development Plans (PDPs) based on which they attend professional internal trainings as well as online and offline external courses, conferences, and workshops.

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