Real Time Advertising Platform

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Real Time Advertising Platform

We are helping make a mobile-first ad Real Time Advertising Platform the number-one marketplace for world’s biggest advertisers and publishers

About the client

As an innovator in the global mobile advertising market, the client delivers an advanced real-time ad exchange platform. The company helps link thousands of advertisers and almost a hundred thousand app developers and mobile web publishers with an app advertising platform. Their platform enables companies to hone their mobile ad campaigns and multiply earnings with auctions, private marketplace deals, and access to an impressive number of demand partners. Equipped with an embedded advertisement builder, their solution offers a variety of ad formats ranging from outstream and instream videos to expandable banners and standard advertisement units.

Real Time Advertising Platform

Key features

Find matching traffic for ad campaigns

Find matching traffic for ad campaigns

Select from advanced targeting options

Select from advanced targeting options

Visualize campaign performance analytics

Visualize campaign performance analytics

Industry: Advertising, Multimedia

Headquarters: US

Market: Global

Team size: 4 developers and an additional German Service Manager

Cooperation: January 2018–present


Apache Kafka / AWS / Bitbucket / Docker / Git / Groovy / Java / Kotlin

The client came with the challenge

The world is going mobile, and Internet access via handhelds accounts for about 80% of overall internet usage today. By 2021, the volume of the global mobile advertising market is estimated to reach a mind-blowing $215B dollars, 2X bigger compared to that in 2016. This has caused advertisers to turn a more careful look at the mobile web and in-app advertising to reach audiences at unparalleled levels.

As one of the flagship mobile ad companies, the client is investing heavily in the research, development, optimization, and maintenance of their advertising and monetization platform. And staying in the lead and above the competition is resource-intensive in terms of cost, time, and engineering capacity.

By the end of 2017, the lack of the latter became quite tangible and was likely to undermine client’s strategic growth plans. Their headquarter and German office required additional Java development resources and turned their look at nearshore outsourcing service providers to develop a mobile app advertising platform. Having three development hubs in Ukraine, proven Java expertise and acting as a qualified Bestshore Center of their German nearshore partner, BitsByteSoft was selected for the mobile ad exchange platform development.

BitsByteSoft is developing the solution

The client expected a team extension of experienced engineers given the priority of the tasks involved. We formed two backend sub-teams of senior and lead Java developers, each with rich enterprise systems engineering background to help create a real-time advertising platform. The first team’s backlog comprised tasks on customer integrations. The second team was responsible for the mobile ad platform’s message broker development and maintenance.

To date, BitsByteSoft team has integrated three large ad publishing companies and their digital service platforms. We are working on the unification and optimization of customer integrations. We have achieved notable results in launching future integrations in a faster and budget-friendlier manner. Each customer receives an isolated Amazon cluster with their own endpoint.

We are achieving great results together

Our collaboration is in the active phase. We are working closely with the client’s development and product organizations to architect and build a mobile advertising platform. The whole collaboration is steered by the service management of the German nearshore partner to assure high quality. In the long run, there are plans to further extend the client’s engineering capacity at BitsByteSoft.

The solution that we are helping to develop let publishers:

  • Augment their eCPMs and mobile app advertising rates
  • Obtain access to hundreds of demand partners around the globe
  • Automatically optimize all demand sources
  • Integrate with robust analysis and reporting capabilities

The solution that we are helping to develop let advertisers:

  • Efficiently handle their mobile ad campaigns
  • Use powerful ad targeting features like app and country
  • Specify appropriate traffic matching their ad campaigns
  • Benefit from campaign performance metrics visualization

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