Managed IT Support Services for a Digital Bank

Case study

Managed IT Support Services for a Digital Bank

We’ve aided in the launch and provided managed IT support for a groundbreaking digital trade bank, enabling modern corporate trade financial services

Business challenge

Our client, a UAE-based pioneer in trade finance, set their sights on becoming the first digital trade banking institution in the world. To completely revamp the way they run business, they contracted with BitsByteSoft to assess their existing processes, policies, systems, and documentation. While conducting this comprehensive assessment, we applied our knowledge, expert judgment, and industry best practices to suggest a roadmap for transforming our client’s business into a mature digital bank with automated operations.

Based on our proven expertise in setting up enterprise solutions for the banking industry, our client trusted us with delivering a package of solutions including the development of and managed IT support services for their cloud-based platform without an on-premises infrastructure.

We were also challenged to quickly ramp up the team and kick off the project to enable the rapid creation of an entirely new product by turning a new strategy and cutting-edge technology into a highly sophisticated solution.

Key features

Comprehensive managed service offering that includes development and IT support

Comprehensive managed service offering that includes development and IT support

Prompt team setup and rapid project launch

Prompt team setup and rapid project launch

Full ownership of all day-to-day IT operations and round-the-clock multi-level IT support

Full ownership of all day-to-day IT operations and round-the-clock multi-level IT support

Industry: FinTech

Market: United Arab Emirates

Team size: 45 engineers

Cooperation: 2019 – present


.NET / AAD / Angular / Azure services / B2C / C# / Cosmo DB / Docker / ETL / JavaScript / Kubernetes / Molecule / MS SQL / Paloalto / Splunk / Terraform

IT managed support services delivered

The BitsByteSoft Service Desk and Tech & Infrastructure Support teams helped our client accelerate their business growth with fully managed IT support services. Within one month of signing a contract, we launched a comprehensive multi-level IT support and managed services team covering help desk tasks, ongoing maintenance, and continuous improvement of our client’s IT infrastructure. Our IT managed support team acts as a liaison among all third-party vendors responsible for the development of banking, security, payment gateway, compliance and blacklist, and other solution components.

Our team of 30 specialists can cover all of our client’s support operations and provide round-the-clock services. As the bank’s operational team is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, there’s a gap between their business hours and those of the BitsByteSoft team. One of our main tasks was to ensure that the high number of requests created on Sunday — the first business day of the week in the UAE — are processed without any delays.

To manage all our client’s requests within tough time limits, we provide 24/7 support. For first-priority issues, the maximum response time does not exceed 15 minutes and the time for resolution ranges from two to four hours. Complex IT issues are escalated within 15 minutes and passed to our second- and third-line engineers or other vendors.

Our client’s banking solution is built on multiple integrated components, consisting of cloud-native and serverless applications with an advanced data storage and orchestration layer. The BitsByteSoft showed itself as a trusted IT support managed services provider. Our development team of 15 engineers is responsible for integrating over 150 components into an upmarket product and resolving related IT issues.

Business outcome

In providing our client with one-stop-shop services, we have taken full responsibility for the IT support and managed services as well as the integration layer of their cloud data-driven solution.

Our turnkey outsourced IT support services offering allowed our client to cut their time to market, reduce the cost of development and support, and mitigate risks. In just several months, we succeeded in building a thriving partner ecosystem of managed IT support services that has immeasurably improved our client’s experience and changed the way they run their business.

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