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Secure software solutions to enhance user experience in the new, digital landscape

Let BitsByteSoft bring your financial services organization into the digital era with software that’s as sharp as you are

In today’s world of digital transformation, Financial Technology services companies are juggling heightened regulatory and data security requirements, increased risk of attack, and growing customer expectations for connectivity, transparency, flexibility, and a seamless user experience. At BitsByteSoft, our expert business analysts and developers partner with financial services companies to develop the software solutions they need to achieve that frictionless experience with world-class security.

Your customers’ security
is our priority

Work side by side with BitsByteSoft to hone your risk management strategies, and our engineers will develop the software you need to provide a flawless customer experience.

Enhance Customer

The digital transformation has led customers to expect increased connectivity, but these demands bring extra security challenges. With BitsByteSoft custom software, you can mitigate risk and give customers the experience they want.

Streamline Your Business Processes

Strict regulatory requirements can encumber process and prevent the kind of growth businesses want to achieve. BitsByteSoft can build the software solutions you need to remain agile and compliant.

Attract and Retain
Top Talent

Today’s employees want to work from anywhere, on any device. But in the financial services world, that kind of leeway can cause major headaches. Our engineers can help give your employees the flexibility they want without compromising data security.

Protect Against Cyber

A security breach is every financial services firm’s worst nightmare, and digitization only increases the risks. BitsByteSoft dedicated team can deliver secure, compliant software — and monitor it consistently to prevent attacks.

Specific Applications

From database management to mobile applications, BitsByteSoft team of software engineers are ready to create custom solutions to streamline every area of your financial services business.

Data Management

Data is the heart of every business, but the stakes are highest in the financial industry. BitsByteSoft software solutions help our clients manage and organize data while paying close attention to security and regulatory compliance.

Banking Digitization

We create software solutions that bring financial services into the digital world where customers live. From cloud services to mobile apps, we help our customers stay ahead of the curve.

System Modernization

With ever-evolving regulations and technical requirements, keeping aging systems up to date is no easy task. BitsByteSoft flexible solutions meet today’s requirements and anticipate tomorrow’s.

Process Management

BitsByteSoft applications help our financial customers streamline internal and external processes to meet consumers’ demands for efficiency, transparency and personalized service.


Blockchain is revolutionizing the tech landscape. From strategy to implementation, the BitsByteSoft team is ready to help clients apply the latest innovations to their systems in practical, beneficial ways.

Only 44% say finance is well equipped to produce meaningful business analysis and reporting

To take full advantage of automation, our finance functions will need to develop new skill sets and capabilities

68% Many expect that the increasing complexity and volume of data will make it much more difficult to translate data into swift and decisive action

And even more say their companies need to develop or acquire capabilities in advanced analytics that they don’t have today

Raise finance’s importance within the organization

Get finance more involved with operating or business and more time for higher-value work

Why choose BitsByteSoft

BitsByteSoft is more than a vendor. Our dedicated team of developers and business analysts are ready to partner with you to implement the custom solutions that streamline your operations and empower you to focus on the core of your business.


BitsByteSoft provides a full professional development team with a customer-oriented approach.

Broad Technology

Our diverse technology stack experience and expertise in the financial services sphere mean we can partner with clients to tailor effective solutions to any need.

Sleek, User-Friendly

Our UI and UX experts can give financial institutions a “digital makeover,” with visually appealing apps that promote a better customer experience.


We understand the need for bulletproof security, and we pair preventative strategies with airtight incident response plans to keep your customers’ financial information safe.

Customer Success Stories

Platform for Optimizing Working Capital

We support a fast growing FinTech company in further developing its independent marketplace for asset-based corporate financing solutions

Financial Data Management System Development

We developed a solution that optimizes financial market data flows and turns them into valuable insights

Custom FinTech Services for Digital Banking

We helped the first fully digital bank in Germany develop a core banking platform

Smart Contract Solution for Vehicle Insurance

We helped an insurance company build a blockchain-driven solution and further transform the traditional insurance industry model

Financial Technology

SaaS Lending Solution for Business Loans

We helped create a SaaS lending solution that provides credit score services and connects borrowers with banks

A Mobile Banking System for Fast and Secure Operations

We helped the first digital bank in Germany integrate a custom mobile banking system for their end client

Real-Time Back-Office and Risk Management System for a Payment Processing Platform

We built a fully customizable back office for a FinTech services provider to optimize their data workflow and automate risk…

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System for Streamlining Business Processes

We helped one of Europe’s core banking software providers build and integrate a family of solutions to promote the use…

Business Intelligence Platform for Reporting and Analysis

We’ve built a BI reporting solution that benefits the iGaming industry with real-time operational visibility for strategic decision-making

Cloud Optimization Strategy for a Digital Bank

We’ve helped an Emirati bank optimize cloud technology costs and boost the performance of its digital infrastructure

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