Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System for Streamlining Business Processes

Case study

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System for Streamlining Business Processes

We helped one of Europe’s core banking software providers build and integrate a family of solutions to promote the use of ERP for finance operations

Business challenge

Our client, a group of Swiss software providers of core banking systems, business process modeling tools, and ERP solutions, needed to rapidly add key components to their existing application. We were faced with the double challenge of rebuilding and enriching our client’s legacy system while working within the constraints of their white-label development environment.

As banks scale, owners and managers find it difficult to coordinate all the moving parts and activities within all departments. Our client’s intelligent ERP systems help mid-sized to large banks simplify business processes management. Their software empowers organizations to combine separate applications into one integrated system to help bank owners automate and manage back-office functions.

To fulfill their commitment to satisfy all their end customers’ needs — and having already completed a successful pilot project with BitsByteSoft — our client returned to us for expert help with custom software development solutions.

Key features

Automate document flow management

Automate document flow management

Optimize bank processes through efficient workflows

Optimize bank processes through efficient workflows

Simplify daily HR activities

Simplify daily HR activities

Industry: FinTech

Market: Europe

Team size: 7 engineers

Project duration: 4 years


Eclipse / Hibernate / IBM iSeries / J2EE / JPA / jQT / MS SQL / Swing / ULC / Web Services / Xpert.Ivy

Solution delivered

Our two initial tasks were to migrate our client’s existing system to a new technology stack and give it a fresh look and feel. We started from analyzing the functionality and created a series of mock-ups for an updated, optimized, and user-friendly version of the application. Using the most recent technologies, our engineers reworked the system component by component, building on the existing platform.

Our team was responsible for the architecture, design, requirements analysis, development based on specifications, technical documentation, cross-testing, deployment, and configuration. We also contributed a number of ideas on product enhancements that were approved by the client and implemented in subsequent releases.

During our four-year partnership, the BitsByteSoft development team helped our client build an ERP product family, including a tool for automating business process management, a flexible payroll solution for human resources, a robust collaborative web-based document management system, and a test framework.

Business process management tool
Our client’s ERP family includes a solution for managing automated workflows at large organizations, enterprises, and banks. The application allows managers to assign projects to employees, include project details (assignee, duration, scope, resources, etc.), track project phases, and perform reporting and budget calculations.

Payroll solution
The HR management tool helps HR departments simplify administrative tasks from staff recruitment and payroll accounting to staff resignation, clearing space for HR specialists to focus on conceptual and strategic issues. This web-based solution can be adapted to any company-specific processes and banking operations.

Document management system
A web-based enterprise content management (ECM) system supports all stages of management and data storage within a bank, including acquisition, publishing, validation of information, and document signing with digital signatures, enabling the continuity and integrity of data. The application provides an efficient online document flow within the organization, shared user rights and rights differentiation, search by document and by word, and procurement management functionality.

Test framework
Our client’s “black-box” toolkit allows testing module logic and development processes. Our team built this framework from scratch – from architectural design and system specifications to implementation and testing. This toolkit facilitated the work of engineers who were strictly limited by our client’s proprietary development environment, allowing them to automate the entire testing process.

Business outcome

Through the years, our cooperation grew into a successful partnership, providing our client with a strong and steady extended team tightly integrated into their development processes. Working under the limitations of our client’s framework, our team supported the system from inside by developing a test framework to support efficient development and testing.

BitsByteSoft experts helped our client create a fully-fledged system that allows financial institutions to use ERP for business functions to ensure their operations are integrated at all levels: technology, services, human resources, budgeting, marketing, and even product planning. Organizations can use our client’s system to increase their operational efficiency and optimize daily activities, which is strategically important when businesses start to expand.

The solutions we’ve delivered help banks and financial institutions:

  • Track business resources and manage them accordingly. Costs, raw materials, staff, capacity, marketing activities, and internal workforce tools are all covered.
  • Sync resources with planned activities. Having committed to a plan, banks have to align their existing resources with future demand. Our client’s ERP modules help to predict the capacity needed and match it with current resources.
  • Manage document flows. The application optimizes continuous document management, automating data collection and storage as well as validation and publishing.

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