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Mobile Software Development is the cornerstone of any modern business. BitsByteSoft is a custom web application development company with extensive experience creating innovative mobile apps with different technology stacks. We develop the right mobile apps for our customers; our application development solutions are robust and reliable, and we always use the most up-to-date and efficient UI/UX.

Boost your business with mobile software Development

Whatever you want to build, BitsByteSoft will assist you. With the power of mobile software technologies, our engineers will transform your business with a mobile application that powers your growth.

Integrate Mobile
With Web

Already have a great web-based application? See that your users access it via mobile devices? Our mobile app design experts can build a brilliant mobile counterpart.

Build for iOS and Android Platforms

Building apps for both platforms allows greater flexibility, a better user experience, and more robust features. BitsByteSoft engineers are experts in iOS and Android, and we’ll get your app to market as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Streamline Your

As your business gets more complicated, so do your businesses processes. By adding BitsByteSoft mobile applications to your internal systems, you’ll be able to work remotely, cut down on inefficiencies, and save valuable time and money.

a Stand-Alone
Mobile App

If mobile is the core of your business, BitsByteSoft can build an app that provides your customers with a superior user experience. Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, we are an application developer that knows exactly how to turn your valuable idea into reality.

B1teByteS0ft builds mobile applications for your unique business goals

BitsByteSoft presents a unique service package to suit your needs! We’ve planned, built and implemented custom software solutions for over 200 corporate clients – from oil and gas to healthcare and entertainment.

Process Automation Solutions

We create applications that automate businesses processes so you can focus on your business instead of wasting valuable time and money on labor-intensive systems and administration.


A BitsByteSoft mobile app can include video and audio streaming, image processing and management, social network integration, monetization tools, or all of the above for your business.


Many custom BitsByteSoft mobile apps are created to help our customers in the market. We help ecommerce companies provide secure and efficient user experiences, manage inventory and payments, and keep their businesses running smoothly.

Networking Apps

BitsByteSoft mobile solutions can easily be integrated with existing social networking applications, adding a new layer of interactivity and fun experience for your users.

Networking Apps

BitsByteSoft mobile solutions can easily be integrated with existing social networking applications, adding a new layer of interactivity and fun experience for your users.

& Leisure Apps

Our engineers create mobile apps that enrich busy people’s lives. Your customers will have amazing access to events, sports, food, travel, culture, and all of the good stuff life has to offer.

& Information Apps

BitsByteSoft applications create customized news and information experiences for your users, with advanced UI and superior graphic design, all within your control.


Sometimes your mobile app development ideas just don’t fit into a category. That’s why BitsByteSoft loves helping our customers engineer totally new mobile applications from the ground-up.

Why Choose BitsByteSoft

  • BitsByteSoft provides a full professional development team with a customer-oriented approach
  • BitsByteSoft mobile development services include app delivery to the AppStore, Android Market, Windows Store, and the proper certifications for this purpose
  • As a software application developer, we have a separate specialty in the field of mobile technologies
  • Our strength is the fruitful experience We have had working in various mobile development industries
  • We possess a breadth of experience in mobile UI and design

Mobile App
Development Process

The whole world goes mobile. To make things right the first time, we follow the best coding practices to create software applications and strict internal processes of delivery and quality control.

Mobile Software Development

Customer Success Stories

Employee Management Software for Enhanced Telecom Workplace Services

We’re building all-in-one employee management software to create exceptional workplace experiences in handling daily routines

Smart Facility & Energy Management System Software

We developed a software suite for a facility, energy, and workplace management system

Integrated Workplace Management Software for Building Efficiency and Employee Comfort

We’re implementing an end-to-end IoT location intelligence solution to optimize building management and provide an efficient office environment

Real Estate Software for Investors and Tenants to Create Added Value

We’re building a property management platform that lays the groundwork for a remote monitoring and maintenance system

Drone Data Platform for Safe and Regulated Flights

We helped to create software for drones to pursue a safe and collaborative future for regulated drone flights

IoT Solution for a Smart Building Ecosystem

We helped deliver a smart building solution that relies on extensive IoT functionality and connected sensors

Smart Connectivity to Redefine Consumers Behavior

We helped reinvent the everyday consumption of goods that our client provides to 150 million consumers worldwide

Real-Time Advertising Platform

We are helping make a mobile-first ad exchange platform the number-one marketplace for world’s biggest advertisers and publishers

End-to-End Property and Facilities Management Software

We’re building an out-of-the-box facility management solution to streamline large-scale infrastructure development

Crop Management Software for Sustainable Farming

We’re building a platform-based crop management software to promote sustainable farming practices

E Referral & E Request Healthcare Platform

We automated surgical booking and wait time tracking with an e-referral and e-request platform

Mammography Solution for PACS Workstations

We’ve re-engineered a world-class mammography workstation to provide exceptional breast health services

Enterprise-level Platform for Risk Assessment in Healthcare

We’ve designed and implemented a highly scalable risk assessment platform that allows our client to extend their service portfolio and…

Healthcare Platform development

Medical App Development to Benefit Practitioners and Individuals

We’re driving digital transformation in national healthcare by developing medical apps for doctors and patients to facilitate their interactions

Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile Software Development

How much does a mobile software development cost?

Depending on the type and complexity of the application, about 85% of the cost falls within the range of $7,000 to $75,000. This number can vary considerably depending on the complexity of the project, so it is a good idea to work with a vendor to create a ballpark estimate for the job in advance to make an informed decision whether or not to move forward.

What is a native mobile application?

Unlike hybrid or web applications that may function secondarily as mobile applications, a native mobile application is coded in Objective C for iPhones and Java for Android, and it has wider capabilities in terms of accessing the resources of a mobile device, working with graphics, functioning in offline mode, and improving overall reliability. Creating a native application usually costs more than making a hybrid or web app, but it provides the owner with a range of tools that generally enhance the end-user experience.

When does a web-based project require the addition of mobile functionality?

The short answer is always. The caveat is which type of mobile experience you want to provide for your users. A typical web project must be optimized for usage on standard mobile devices, as a high percentage of users will access the application from their smartphones. If the volume of mobile traffic is exceptionally high or functionality for a mobile experience is complex enough, sometimes it is necessary to create a native mobile application to support the best experience and reliability.

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