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Case study

Employee Management Software for Enhanced Telecom Workplace Services

We’re building all-in-one employee management software to create exceptional workplace experiences in handling daily routines

Business challenge

Our client, a prominent telecom technology corporation, came up with the vision to create centralized employee management software that would provide a broad range of internal corporate services for the company’s 25,000 employees across the globe. The system was intended to integrate all existing corporate services and to feature advanced new functionality to enhance the employee workplace experience and improve employee performance.

Digitizing and unifying internal platforms and processes would also further our client’s plans to implement next-generation smart offices across the company’s locations worldwide. As construction of new office facilities was already well under way, our client needed to speed up the development of their employee management software solution to keep up with their smart office implementation strategy. For this, they decided to look for a seasoned technology partner equipped with deep expertise in AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other cutting-edge technologies necessary for the project.

BitsByteSoft stood out as a company with strong experience in helping telecom organizations through digital transformation. Vast engineering expertise, competencies with the latest technologies, flexibility, and ability to scale to meet unique business challenges made BitsByteSoft the partner of choice for our client.

Key features

Consolidate all employee services in a single centralized system

Consolidate all employee services in a single centralized system

Equip staff with a go-to tool for handling work-related requests

Equip staff with a go-to tool for handling work-related requests

Digitize workplace experiences for greater employee satisfaction

Digitize workplace experiences for greater employee satisfaction

Industry: Telecom, Real Estate, Facility Management

Team size: 4 engineers

Cooperation: August 2020 – present


Amazon S3 / API / AWS AppSync / AWS Cloud / CloudFront / DynamoDB / IAM / Lambda@Edge / Node.JS / OAuth 2.0

Solution delivered

Our cooperation started from analyzing and discussing our client’s ideas and translating them into solid requirements for the employee management software design. Our Principal Solutions Architect consulted our client on the most feasible and optimal architecture that would bring together all necessary components, allow for integration of current systems, and enable scaling at all levels.

We gathered a team of experienced engineers who are now working on the back end of our client’s HR employee management software. Thanks to profound experience with the AWS stack, our engineers are building a flexible and cost-effective solution that meets our client’s requirements for load capacity, availability, and maintainability.

Our team is effectively interfacing with our client’s in-house and remote teams and contributing to R&D activities on the project. We’re trying different tools and technologies, pitching ideas, pivoting, validating, prototyping, and implementing solutions.

The system we’re developing is all-in-one employee management software purpose-built to provide optimized digital experiences with the company’s internal services. Our client’s new state-of-the-art offices will feature smart parking, indoor navigation, room and seat booking, and other services available through a mobile application for Android and iOS. Our experience in real estate software development enables us to efficiently build this system so employees can easily benefit from all modern office facilities.

Our client’s employee management software offers the following functionality:

  • User authorization

We’ve built a centralized user authorization system that provides for log-in/log-out of personnel across all applications using our client’s HR employee management software. Users are granted different access levels depending on the country, office location, and user type (employee, contractor, visitor).

  • Service desk

The service center functionality uses a ticketing system to help employees address all workplace-related requests to the appropriate departments. Help desk categories include hardware/software technical support, office supply, workplace solutions, and public space services.

  • Work hour reporting

The clock-in and clock-out feature enables employees to easily record their work hours and gives them the flexibility to sign in to work and sign out for breaks. Employees can also book days off or vacations and report sick leaves.

  • Employee search

Every employee has access to the company’s consolidated database, which includes each employee’s full name, role, photo, department, office location, city, country, mobile number, email, and Skype.

  • Meeting calendar

Users can browse available meeting rooms, book a room, provide meeting details, send invites to other users, and view invite responses.

  • Seat booking

The application assists employees in booking a seat in a shared space and finding necessary work resources. Using an office planning system, an employee can view spare shared seats by wing and floor, book a seat for themselves or their colleagues, locate other employees’ bookings to reserve a workstation nearby, and look for all workplace amenities to meet their needs.

Our engineers are confidently driving our client’s employee management software towards the release, which is scheduled to happen in several months. After the release, we’ll continue to develop the system according to the architectural roadmap, which includes a variety of IoT scenarios including smart parking, office navigation, and space optimization. The system’s architecture, built on CQRS Serverless technology developed by BitsByteSoft experts, helps our client optimize cloud resources, cut development time, and reduce infrastructure costs.

Business outcome

Our partnership is rapidly evolving and bringing tangible benefits to our client in many respects. We’ve provided expert consulting on the system’s architecture and design, built a senior engineering team, and already implemented a considerable amount of core functionality for our client’s employee management software solution. In addition, our engineers are bringing their tech expertise to the R&D process, enabling our client to build their solutions on the latest and most advanced technologies.

The system we’re developing serves as a global digital corporate platform for storing employee information and processing staff requests from across all company locations. Our client’s employee management software is also a tool for raising employee satisfaction by delivering enjoyable digital experiences at work. Its rollout will transform multiple internal processes within the company and accelerate the implementation of our client’s intelligent offices across the world.

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