Integrated Workplace Management Software

Case study

Integrated Workplace Management Software for Building Efficiency and Employee Comfort

We’re implementing an end-to-end IoT location intelligence solution to optimize building management and provide an efficient office environment

Business challenge

When our client, a German high-tech provider of intelligent building and lighting solutions, decided to expand their offering by launching an intelligent workspace management platform as part of integrated workplace management software, they faced the need for a proven expert in Internet of Things engineering. Their plan was to build a complex smart office solution that would add value to their advanced sensor systems and pave the way for a series of next-gen applications for smart buildings and integrated workplace management software.

After our client’s cooperation with a previous contractor turned out to be counterproductive, the company raised the bar for their next integrated workplace management software provider in terms of quality of service, level of innovation, ability to scale, and expertise in Internet of Things for buildings. Following months of trial engagement and intensive assessment, our client entered into a technology partnership with BitsByteSoft to develop their intelligent workplace management system.

Key features

Increase office space efficiency and cut rent costs

Increase office space efficiency and cut rent costs

Save energy based on actual demand

Save energy based on actual demand

Increase employee satisfaction with the work environment

Increase employee satisfaction with the work environment

Industry: IoT, Real Estate, Facility Management

Headquarters: Munich, Germany

Market: Global

Team size: 15 members

Cooperation: January 2019 – present


Azure AD / Kubernetes / Microservices / MongoDB / Node.JS / PostgreSQL / React / Typescript

Integrated workplace management software solutions delivered

From the very beginning, BitsByteSoft has been responsible for the full cycle of IoT product development services, from design and architecture to implementation, testing, and release management. Our client was seeking advice in many aspects of their integrated workplace management system, and we contributed a number of actionable ideas for the product. Our team has built a scalable microservices architecture from scratch, created an intuitive app interface with an appealing UI/UX design, and delivered a high-performing IoT system rich in functionality and tools for real estate analysis and optimization.

Aimed at achieving an effective and sustainable use of resources, our client’s product is an excellent use case of IoT in facilities management. Integrated workplace management system allows building owners and managers to monitor and analyze the use of spaces in real time and develop efficient facility control strategies. The workplace management software uses anonymous infrared sensor data to detect the number of people in a room. Advanced algorithms ensure the accurate occupancy counts.

With key utilization data available, building managers are able to track use patterns and adjust lighting, heating, and cleaning of office rooms to real-time needs and demands. Interactive location data analysis provides insights into ways to optimize the use of buildings, maximize energy savings, reduce wasted space, and cut operational and rent expenses.

Our client’s integrated workplace management system also ensures the ultimate comfort of and an efficient work environment for a building’s occupants, providing an intuitive in-building navigation and booking experience. This results in a significant increase in employee performance and satisfaction. Using a mobile app, employees can search for a free and suitable workplace or meeting room, find colleagues in a flexible workspace, and book a shared desk area for a team thanks to an Outlook integration.

The integrated workplace management systems we’re developing for our client consists of three key components:

  • A web application with a dashboard for facility managers
  • Native Android and iOS mobile apps for employees
  • A marketing and sales website for promotional initiatives

Our team follows the Scrum process with regular sprints, feature estimation, and iteration planning. We consistently meet our client’s elaborate requirements, clear-cut deadlines, and business targets. Our client has highly appreciated our input on user research and the working prototypes of mobile and web components presented by our UI/UX designers at a workshop with end users.

Business outcome

Within the scope of this project, our team has developed a high-quality bundled solution for integrated workplace management systems that is already selling on the real estate market. We have delivered a product that strengthens our client’s leadership among IWMS software companies in digital solutions for indoor navigation and location intelligence. As digitalization of buildings becomes more and more advanced, our team will continue to build on the solution, adding new features to the existing apps.

Our fruitful collaboration has once again proven BitsByteSoft as a mature provider of IoT and location-based development services. We’ve minimized the software development overhead for our client and carried out complex work including research, architecture design, feature specifications, prototyping, UI/UX design, implementation, testing, and maintenance.

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