Microservice Architecture to Optimize Supply Chain

Case study

Microservice Architecture to Optimize Supply Chain Management and Logistics

We’re helping one of the world’s top tire manufacturers get through digital transformation with a sophisticated microservice platform

Business challenge of a Fortune 500 company

​Our client is one of the top tire manufacturing companies globally and is among the world’s leading operators of commercial truck service and tire retreading centers ranked on the Fortune 500 list. Headquartered in the US, the company has numerous business offices, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and retail locations across the globe to deliver its products and services to consumers in almost every country of the world.

The rise of technology across many verticals has necessitated the company’s move to digitization. Despite our client’s long-standing global success, they aimed at the strategy of continuous innovation to drive business growth and strengthen their position as a premium worldwide brand. They decided to develop a fleet management platform to get all the advantages of microservices architecture: optimize logistics and supply chain management, reduce documentation processes, speed up the workflow, and

Key features

Ease up the search for products and dealers

Ease up the search for products and dealers

Streamline logistics and asset management

Streamline logistics and asset management

Enable access to warehouses globally

Enable access to warehouses globally

Industry: Transportation & Logistics, Retail

Headquarters: Ohio, USA

Market: Global

Team size: 5 members Cooperation:​ 2019 – ongoing​


Android / AWS / AWS Lambda / Cognito / Node.JS / RDS / Serverless / SQS / Terraform

Solution delivered

​Our client started building a solution with their own in-house team, rebuilt the application with the help of the other provider, but it soon became obvious that they needed a professional technology partner to take their solution to the next level. The quality of code didn’t allow the application to scale, and in many respects, it was outperformed by competitors’ similar products. The organization’s growing IT infrastructure posed yet more challenges. As new services appeared, the infrastructure was no longer in sync with the existing application. Our client needed a way to localize and layerize all the upcoming business data. The new platform was also supposed to go beyond the company’s existing markets and fuel expansion into the Near East and Eastern Europe.

They started looking for a reliable engineering partner with relevant experience and stopped their choice on BitsByteSoft due to our proven expertise in mobile and SaaS-based on AWS laaS development.

Our engineers are implementing a new back-end architecture to facilitate ongoing changes to the infrastructure spurred by emerging microservices. From the technological point of view, the project uses some of the most innovative technologies. The back-end code is written in Lambda, a serverless technology based on AWS, with the help of Node.js. Our team uses Cognito for authentication and Terraform for building an infrastructure in AWS.

With all the new public and private networks (or microservices), the system has quite a complicated architecture. To speed up implementation, we complemented the team of three Node.js developers and a PM with a DevOps engineer to prepare testing and production environments and deploy builds.

​Our client’s microservice platform designed by BitsByteSoft experts come in several major subservices that include:

  • Search and management of dealers
  • Appointment booking management
  • Tire search
  • Order placement and fulfilment
  • Integration with site-aggregators
  • SAP integration
  • Barcode tire label scanning

Business outcome

As our team is making considerable progress implementing the solution, cooperation between our client and BitsByteSoft is gaining steam. Following our successful partnership on building the microservice architecture, they have made the decision to recreate their internet-based fleet management system and develop back-end middleware with the help of BitsByteSoft . The development process has already started, and our team is now contributing to the implementation of several solutions for our client.

The solution we’re developing brings these advantages to our client:

  • Enable online access to warehouses in every corner of the world
  • Narrow down the search to only relevant products and regions
  • Allow consumers to browse products by size, category, etc., check their availability in stocks, and view prices, specifications, codes of spare parts, etc.
  • Help users find the nearest tire-fitting center on the map and easily schedule a tire service appointment
  • Combine all mechanisms to access dealers, open slots, etc.
  • Ease up searching, booking, and buying tires
  • Increase customer satisfaction and drive sales by shipping through the closest inventory location

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