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BitsByteSoft and Enate announce partnership

B1tsByteS0ft and Enate announce partnership

October 2, 2021

Press Office B1tsByteS0ft

BitsByteSoft, a leading software engineering services vendor, partners with Enate, a pioneering Process Orchestration platform, to accelerate the adoption of digital workforce and drive the RPA market.

London, UK, October 8, 2021 – BitsByteSoft, a global software engineering company, and Enate, a global company providing an end-to-end process orchestration RPA platform, have announced their strategic partnership. The established partnership is intended to supplement and extend BitsByteSoft RPA consulting services and open up new opportunities for Enate to strengthen their position in a highly competitive RPA market through wider adoption of their proprietary technology. Together, BitsByteSoft and Enate will work towards attracting more customers to the RPA domain, increasing their workforce efficiency and streamlining operations between human employees and software bots. 

“Amid growing interest from our existing and potential customers in end-to-end automation of their business processes, we are more focused than ever on speeding up the digitalization and bringing the benefits unlocked by RPA adoption,” said William Nicolson, CTO of BitsByteSoft . “We are sure that our partnership with Enate will help us solidify our expertise in RPA deployment, thus supporting and simplifying our customers’ automation journey and allowing them to be more agile.”

“Robotic process automation gains momentum as more companies seek to introduce time- and cost-saving bots into their workflows and set course for an enterprise-wide automation program,” said Kate Aleksandrovich, Head of BitsByteSoft RPA Center of Excellence. “We are excited about our partnership with Enate, as it will enable us to further expand our capabilities in delivering ad-hoc RPA solutions and contribute to the growth of the global RPA market.”

Martin Boakes, EU MD at Enate, said: “Enate’s partner ecosystem brings together a unique community of industry expertise and know-how. Our partnership with BitsByteSoft combines the expertise of two companies — both technology and people — to offer customers a clear path to intelligent automation and, ultimately, true digital transformation.”

About Enate

Enate is a SaaS process orchestration platform that manages a workforce of humans and digital workers for simplified end-to-end business processes. With Enate, you can plug and play any technology (RPA, AI, cognitive, NLP, machine learning), from any vendor, to get digital fast. The platform enables the delivery of services from multiple locations to local standards while maintaining complete visibility and control (including the automation of KPIs and SLAs), all aligned to detailed reporting of cost and productivity. Enate’s platform deploys within weeks. Enate was founded by automation industry expert Kit Cox. Customers include TMF, CMS, Mizuho, Utmost Group and Capgemini. Enate was named a Hot Vendor 2019 by HFS Research.

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