Cloud Migration Platform to Reinvent Voice Services

Case study

Cloud Migration Platform to Reinvent Voice Services

We’re building a next-gen cloud VoIP network software solution that helps our client transform communications delivery for telecom providers across the US

Business challenge

Our client is an established cloud VoIP platform company whose award-winning communications solution empowers telecom providers to deliver carrier-class voice services in the US market. Having experienced massive growth in recent years, the company faced a lack of strong engineers to build their API-driven, web-scale network software solution.

One of our client’s primary goals was to completely migrate two legacy monolithic systems to the cloud and split them into microservices. This would allow our client to scale their business processes, offer more competitive pricing to their customers, and deliver high-margin VoIP communications services.

To free service providers from the restraints of legacy voice networks, help them turn out new revenue-producing services, and provide top-notch customer care, our client chose to develop a cloud PBX (private branch exchange) platform that works as a virtual telecommunications switch. This feature-rich and easy-to-launch solution enables both residential and business customers to quickly launch VoIP telephony with as many SIP lines as needed and use its intuitive interface to set up all the necessary functionality.

To embark on the migration journey and build a cloud-native, fully integrated network management system, our client needed a mature software provider who could bridge their engineering gap and fine-tune efficient development processes. With the appropriate cloud expertise in place and seasoned Java developers on board, BitsByteSoft has earned our client’s trust as a reliable software engineering partner.

Key features

Rapidly launch new full-featured communications services

Rapidly launch new full-featured communications services

Boost profitability by upgrading VoIP to the cloud

Boost profitability by upgrading VoIP to the cloud

Automate key processes and simplify operations

Automate key processes and simplify operations

Industry: Telecom

Headquarters: Utah, USA

Market: USA

Team size: 17 engineers

Cooperation: October 2019 – present


AWS / Cassandra / Docker / Dropwizard / Java 11 / JUnit / Kafka / MySQL / NoSQL / PostgreSQL / Python / RDS / REST / Scala / Spring Boot

Solution delivered

From the outset, BitsByteSoft demonstrated a strong commitment to high-value services by providing much-needed development resources and sharing our experience in building the delivery processes.


We established development teams to deliver core business functionality for our client’s platform. These include two virtual teams and two feature teams comprising senior Java developers, automated QAs, delivery managers, and team leaders — all possessing excellent troubleshooting skills. While virtual teams augment our client’s in-house engineering staff, feature teams take full ownership of delivering large switch components.

Technical business consulting

We started our collaboration by consulting on ways to establish software development lifecycle (SDLC) processes and have already introduced a number of initiatives to ensure transparency and efficiency, including a move to Kanban, regular reporting, and knowledge transfer. Our knowledge sharing workshops cover a wide range of topics such as setting up the development process, managing the workflow, and working with remote teams.

Moreover, we have become so deeply involved in our client’s technological needs and processes that we advise them on the most optimal architectural solutions for their control network management services. An BitsByteSoft solution architect actively participates in the most crucial technical decision-making and drives the discussion at the architectural level.

Solution overview

Our client’s turnkey cloud voice platform is an extensible and customizable solution supporting residential and business lines, hosted PBX, SIP trunking, and mobile office. The platform easily scales horizontally from several to millions of subscribers and enables multiple back-office integration points. Using our client’s CPBX solution, service providers can move VoIP infrastructure to the cloud and significantly lower operational costs, monetize their voice services, and boost service agility.

Delivery roadmap and features deployed

To ensure rapid feature delivery, we follow an agile roadmap with epics mapped out to match the main feature scope within the Cloud PBX 2.0 global initiative. Our team’s major contribution to building our client’s cloud VoIP platform lies in three key areas:

  1. Active-active, cloud-first microservices architecture
    To provide elastic scalability for carrier-grade deployments, we’re reworking the architecture by splitting the monolithic system into cloud-native microservices and adding new services.
  2. Comprehensive web-based admin portal and APIs for back-office integration
    We’re building an intuitive, easy-to-operate web admin portal that provides visibility and control and addresses every aspect of voice business management, including services and packaging, troubleshooting and support, and inventory management. We’re also working on a deep set of flexible public APIs that plug into the service provider’s back office to automate key business processes.
  3. Core CPBX switch functionality
    Our full-stack teams are implementing an extensive tool set for our client’s network monitoring and management solution. In addition to supporting standard hosted call handling functionality, we’re extending the solution with impactful business features to help voice service providers remain nimble and responsive to evolving customer needs and market demands:
    • Queuing manages the sequence of incoming calls and shows the number of callers pending on the line.
    • Paging puts phones into groups and enables group calls.
    • Interactive voice response (IVR) / auto attendant is a web interface module that allows users to customize a voice menu in detail according to their needs. The module features a visual editor for setting up levels, sublevels, and a tree of calls, rules, and conditions. Our newly set up full-stack team is working on a new version of the module that will improve the user experience and simplify work with complex menu structures.
    • Call park allows a subscriber to put the current call on hold, answer another incoming call, and resume the call that was put on hold.
    • Device sync / DND synchronizes phone devices to display current user statuses (on the phone, on a conference call, or in ‘do not disturb’ (DND) mode). A DND status results in calls being forwarded to voicemail.
    • Presence shows the status of the user (available, busy, away, offline, etc.).
    • billing system rates call detail records (CDRs), tracks monthly recurring and non-recurring charges, compiles transaction information into reports, and generates bills. To secure user data, we’ve built in a fraud detection and protection system.
    • vFAX is a virtual fax machine that converts fax messages into a digital format and forwards them to the addressee’s email account.

Over a relatively short period of time, we’ve delivered on several large roadmap epics and are now heading into the first release of the new product.

Business outcome

Reinforced by BitsByteSoft experts, our client is making great strides in the telecom market, powering cloud-based VoIP services for over 60 communications providers and connecting millions of users each day. With this successful partnership, our client is now in a strong position to accelerate the pace of innovation within their organization, quickly get to market with a strong business services portfolio, and empower service providers to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.

BitsByteSoft has helped our client ensure quick hiring and increase the number of professionals who are developing mission-critical components for their cloud-first platform. We’ve become our client’s strategic partner who not only holds knowledge that’s key to business success but willingly shares it with all stakeholders through workshops and trainings. Our engineers are regarded as insiders in the entire technological process and provide insightful solution architecture consulting as needed.

Our cooperation creates numerous winning outcomes for our client. We’re helping them minimize costs, boost team performance, release a high-functioning product on time, and increase its competitive edge on the market with new functionality, new infrastructure, and a new software architecture.

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