Customizing Employee Training

Case study

Customizing Employee Training Management Systems for Enterprise Clients

BitsByteSoft helps a client deliver immersive corporate learning experiences by integrating custom employee training systems.

Business challenges

Our client provides managed services for high-consequence virtual training environments and employee training management systems of global enterprises and government agencies. As an Adobe Partner, the company enhances the Adobe Connect and Captivate Prime experiences for its customers by delivering fully customized E-Learning solutions.

The constantly growing number of complex requests from our client’s customers complicated the company’s existing delivery process and created the risk of compromising service excellence. Meanwhile, the global pandemic made the need for online learning solutions and learning management systems (LMSs) greater than ever, creating additional demand for our client’s services. To ensure they could meet all time frame and quality commitments, our client decided to modernize their Professional Services Department by partnering with a reliable software engineering services company.

Our technical expertise and experience with E-Learning solutions were decisive for our client in choosing BitsByteSoft for end-to-end delivery of custom corporate learning management systems.

Key features

Increase engagement in corporate training

Increase engagement in corporate training

Integrate with any CMS or virtual classroom

Integrate with any CMS or virtual classroom

Customize functionality, branding, and learner workflows

Customize functionality, branding, and learner workflows

Industry: E-Learning

Team size: 4 experts

Cooperation:2020 – present


.NET Core / C# / Typescript / Vue.js

Solution delivered

As a client-centered company, BitsByteSoft committed to a flexible, collaborative, and process-oriented approach to kicking off and managing the project. This allowed us to establish workflows and operations quickly as well as to achieve transparency and accountability in our relationship with the client right from the start.

We focused on ensuring smooth knowledge transition and proper onboarding of the BitsByteSoft dedicated team. After that, we took ownership of the whole process of building captivating eLearning experiences for the distributed workforces of our client’s end customers.

Drawing on experience in implementing technology-powered employee training systems, the BitsByteSoft team assists our client with the presale process. We first elicit end customers’ requirements for the LMS platform, develop a specification, define the scope, and estimate the resources needed for implementation. After that, we start the end-to-end implementation of a corporate learning management system based on an Adobe Captivate Prime back end, tailoring UI/UX and functional modules to customers’ needs.

Functionality our team works with includes:

  • Creating user groups based on unique attributes
  • Assigning targeted learning programs to peer groups and sending announcements
  • Sending push notifications to learners about upcoming courses, session details, and schedule changes
  • Enabling customized gamification and reward badges that keep learners engaged and motivated
  • Allowing learners to share their results by posting content on topic-based discussion boards. Other learners interested in similar skills can follow these boards and contribute to topics, making the discussion boards akin to a social media platform.

Besides implementing functionality offered by Adobe, for some customers, BitsByteSoft engineers have developed new modules to meet specific use cases. Our team also ensures full integration of employee training management systems with existing learning workflows and content streaming technologies. Additionally, we have provided customizations including integration with third-party APIs of services such as CRMs, marketplaces, and messengers.

After acceptance testing by the customer, the LMS software we created will go into production.

Business outcome

As a powerful technology and engineering partner, BitsByteSoft has reinforced the client’s Professional Services Department by taking ownership for end-to-end delivery of custom employee training systems.

Throughout our cooperation, the BitsByteSoft development team has proven to be technologically flexible, scalable, and consistent in its operational efficiency. This has given our client a high level of predictability to scale their business and ensure they keep their agreements with customers.

The eLearning solutions we deliver bring these advantages to end customers:

  • Increased overall productivity and success of their eLearning programs
  • Engaging training courses that ensure all employees adhere to job-related compliance and regulatory procedures
  • Consistent onboarding of new staff at any location and on any device
  • Easy distribution of key knowledge and skills by subject matter experts to geographically dispersed workforces

Our client’s business continues to scale, and so does our cooperation. While discussing specifications for a new project, we are ramping up the team to meet software production requirements.

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