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DevOps Excellence Hub for High-Tech Consumer Engagement Platform

We’re helping one of the world’s top retailers build and optimize an AWS infrastructure automation platform and bring seamless experiences to 150 million shoppers worldwide

Business challenges of a Fortune 500 retailer 

Our client, a Fortune 500 enterprise operating in over 180 markets, has made it their ambition to create a global consumer engagement platform. To keep up with the fast pace of technological change, the company started building new-generation AWS retail infrastructure to promote their revolutionary products. However, they were soon faced with the need to look for a trusted engineering partner experienced in retail software development at scale.  

But there was more to the challenge than finding competent developers to augment the company’s multiple teams. Our client’s structural unit, Digital Platform Operations, needed a team of seasoned DevOps engineers to be responsible for optimizing the entire infrastructure. As the company had successfully partnered with BitsByteSoft in the past to implement a customized retail solution, they contacted us again for help.     

Key features

Maximize efficiency of cross-functional workflows

Maximize efficiency of cross-functional workflows

Automate processes between software development and IT operations

Automate processes between software development and IT operations

Improve the product and boost customer satisfaction

Improve the product and boost customer satisfaction

Industry: Retail, Consumer goods

Market: Global

Team size: 19 engineers

Cooperation: June 2017 – present


AWS Lambda / Bitbucket / Cassandra / Docker / DynamoDB / Git / Hadoop / Java / JavaScript / Jenkins / Kafka / Kubernetes / Linux / Node.JS / RDS / Spark / SQS / Typescript

AWS infrastructure automation delivered 

As a quality provider of retail software services, BitsByteSoft  relies on best practices to develop retailing solutions and works with the latest architectures for eCommerce and digital marketing. In tandem with our client, we’re developing a high-tech customer engagement platform aimed at finding prospects and tracking interactions with the end users of new electronic devices. Combining innovative solutions and advanced technologies, our client’s products have already filled a market niche and continue to redefine traditional consumption of goods delivered to 150 million users daily.  

The user engagement platform is built using an event-oriented approach and handles trillions of events annually. Its main goal is to support the maximum possible number of simultaneous outputs. The system includes a data lake that accumulates consumer engagement data from our client’s applications and connected devices. This data is then visualized in real time on several online dashboards and analyzed for marketing and business purposes. For example, the system allows marketers to view daily sales of new products in each country and determine the sales leaders.        

Our mixed team of software developers and DevOps engineers has grown from 3 to 19 members and evolved into the Core Architecture Team. We collaborate with our client’s architects to develop the platform, integrate it with legacy systems, and provide AWS infrastructure automation. Our team handles complex challenges including architecting, designing, and optimizing big data and high-load solutions. 

One of the key roles of our team is to build and deploy a seamless infrastructure for applications that other teams implement. Our DevOps engineers are responsible for different parts of the infrastructure and use one of the most advanced DevOps tool stacks to date.  

Another notable role of our team is providing R&D. We’ve adopted a flexible agile model where our client comes up with an idea and our engineers research it, present several possible solutions, and let the client choose the most viable.   

The customer engagement platform we’re implementing meets the following objectives: 

  • Integrate an AWS-powered system with on-premise solutions 
  • Collect and process extensive volumes of customer data 
  • Simplify the search for and onboarding of new customers
  • Offer touchpoints to customers, including online support, advice, notifications, and accessories 
  • Empower the development of business applications for our client’s new products 
  • Enhance the user experience by tailoring services to specific needs based on consumption patterns 
  • Visualize near real-time data on sales, marketing, and device use on dashboards at headquarters 
  • Prevent issues with IT infrastructure and application performance with secured and fault-tolerant AWS solutions 
  • Generate ready-to-market solutions based on continuous delivery and integration as part of cloud-based DevOps 

Business outcome  

Our team has been helping our client create an all-encompassing consumer engagement ecosystem to reinforce the work of retail software solutions for marketing the company’s products. The platform has increased customer satisfaction, bringing in more loyal customers and creating sustainable revenue flows. Its high-tech eCommerce features also help our client reach new markets.  BitsByteSoft  R&D engineers continue to produce new proofs-of-concept to help our client gradually transfer their customer engagement ecosystem from legacy solutions to a new architecture.  

The new solution aims to make our client’s innovative products the next big step in redefining the consumption behavior of consumers while increasing the possibility for automated data collection in eCommerce. This functionality is critical for our client to further develop a new brand even with their more than one-hundred-year heritage in the consumer goods market. 

The BitsByteSoft team has achieved these win-win outcomes for our client: 

  • Established a DevOps service excellence center within our client’s organization to provide efficient AWS infrastructure automation
  • Ensured ongoing production migration from AWS to MS Azure
  • Built an AWS-based eCommerce platform that can be integrated with ERP systems
  • Provided a unified development infrastructure to all vendors
  • Implemented a single-master engineering integration pattern for B2B, including integration with B2C and potentially with other components of the solution
  • Set up comprehensive monitoring with anomaly detection and proactive incident resolution
  • Collected data on the supply chain and product sales 

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