Facility Inspection Software and Cost Assessment Engine

Case study

Facility Inspection Software and Cost Assessment Engine

We’re developing evaluation and reporting software to collect inspection data in the field and prioritize capital planning

Business challenge

When our client, a reputable provider of enterprise facility management software, decided to adopt a more product-focused mindset and restructure their organization, they realized they needed to strengthen their team with more engineering expertise.

Our client’s core product is a facility inspection software and condition assessment platform for building inspection, instantaneous reporting, and renovation planning. The platform is used by hundreds of facility managers and inspectors from housing and school construction authorities and can be customized to accommodate the specific needs of any organization.

With a shift in focus to product development, our client considered bringing in a long-term team of remote engineers to work on their projects. As one of our client’s senior executives had successfully partnered with BitsByteSoft in the past, they entrusted us with this task.

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Key features

Optimize building inspection to save time and money

Optimize building inspection to save time and money

Streamline maintenance efforts and improve efficiency of facilities

Streamline maintenance efforts and improve efficiency of facilities

Prioritize spending and allocate funding

Prioritize spending and allocate funding

Industry: Facility management, real estate, construction

Headquarters: New York City, USA

Market: USA

Team size: 6 members

Cooperation: March 2019 – present


.NET / Apache Solr / ASP.NET Web API / DevExpress / JavaScript ES6 / MS SQL Server / WCF

Solution delivered

Soon after our development team got down to work and started showing great results, our client also requested a UX designer to make their product user-friendly for a wider audience. In pursuing their forward-looking goals to extend the analytics capabilities of the platform, our client also decided to bring BitsByteSoft data analysts and data scientists on board.

The solution we’re implementing is a four-level site survey and analysis system to automate every stage of the inspection workflow and optimize enterprise facility management software:

Level 1 – The user examines the condition of a building and documents deficiencies by filling out a survey on a handheld or mobile device.
Level 2 – The app aggregates and prioritizes the inspection data.
Level 3 – The system conducts a high-level assessment of the budget and work to be done.
Level 4 – The inspector receives a detailed estimate of the scope of work and cost of repairs.

The platform’s modules serve as the groundwork for delivering bespoke solutions for a variety of purposes, including inspecting facility conditions, reporting issues, analyzing physical assets, calculating construction costs and budgets, and strategic planning.

The building facility management software we developed is highly configurable, allowing businesses to define specifications, workflows, and standards in order to customize inspections to fit their exact requirements and conform to their processes.

The platform offers a range of possibilities and can be extended if needed:

  • Identification of structural issues on-site
  • Speedy data entry
  • Condition-based ratings
  • Reports on needed repairs and associated costs
  • Recommended maintenance
  • Budget prioritization
  • Capital planning

Business outcome

As our client underwent a major transformation with a shift in emphasis to product development, their decision to cooperate with an accomplished and highly qualified external vendor yielded solid benefits:

  • Thanks to our team’s work, our client managed to speed up their product’s rollout and time to market.
  • Our client’s CTO delegated part of technical tasks to our team so that to focus on strategic moves and business development plans.
  • As a result of the partnership with BitsByteSoft, our client was able to reimagine the product’s interface and enhance the UX design. This has greatly improved the end user experience, allowing for faster and more convenient data entry.

The facility inspection software we’ve been implementing supports tens of thousands of inspections per year and ensures the integrity of trillions of dollars’ worth of assets. The platform is the whole package for any organization looking to evaluate their facilities for required structural repairs and estimate costs for the construction budget.

The solution we’re developing allows facility managers to:

  • Optimize and customize the facility inspection workflow
  • Guide inspectors in the collection and integration of critical data
  • Predict issues before they arise to keep facilities in good condition
  • Analyze the structural condition of buildings from one neat dashboard
  • Generate targeted reports for costing and prioritization
  • Capture the full data story of facility operations in a single integrated database
  • Make data-driven strategic decisions, resulting in cost savings, better performance, and reduced risks

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