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Orchestrated Survey Campaigns with Email Automation

We’ve built a robotic solution that employs email automation to send out surveys and collect responses to assess customer satisfaction

Business challenges

We actively gather feedback from our clients with the help of industry-standard satisfaction surveys. By comparing responses against key performance indicators (KPIs), BitsByteSoft managers can measure client satisfaction. This allows us to reveal potential problems and identify areas for improvement early on.

Each survey invitation is tailored to the client in terms of its content and frequency (weekly, monthly, or quarterly). With our growing number of clients, managing survey communication became time-consuming for our employees, imposing too much manual effort. In response, we decided to adopt email automation to optimize our operations.

Using our robotic process automation (RPA) expertise, we decided to create a flow for survey campaigns that would rely on automated emailing. The time-triggered solution had to initiate a mechanism for collecting responses and prepare custom email invitations to send according to a schedule.

Key features

Eliminate manual tasks and human errors by automating email campaigns
Eliminate manual tasks and human errors by automating email campaigns
Streamline survey campaigns with robotic schedule monitoring

Streamline survey campaigns with robotic schedule monitoring

Integrate with a survey tool to automatically create survey collectors

Integrate with a survey tool to automatically create survey collectors

Team size: 1 engineer

Duration: 3 week


Excel / Outlook / Power Automate / Survey Monkey

Solution delivered


Surveying clients used to involve our operations specialists regularly checking the survey schedule and confirming the sending of surveys with managers. Without mail automation, such verifications required continuous human attention and manual coordination before even starting to collect customer feedback.

The robotic solution we developed links a spreadsheet with unified client data, a survey tool, and an email agent to enable an orchestrated workflow. A rule-based algorithm now automatically handles confirmations with BitsByteSoft managers and starts survey campaigns on time, eliminating the need to manually monitor the schedule.

Aligned process

We carefully analyzed all stages of survey campaigns to properly automate repetitive manual tasks. The robotic flow performs three major operations: monitors the schedule, creates a collector for responses, and composes a tailored email invitation for a specific client. This resulted in a sequence of actions aimed to automate email communication for survey campaigns:

  1. Integrated with a repository of client data and questionnaire templates for creating surveys, the flow starts at defined intervals for each client. The flow first requests a manager’s confirmation for collecting feedback via an automated mailing system.
  2. Depending on the response, the flow either starts creating a survey or postpones it for an indicated period. To create a survey, the flow interacts with the Survey Monkey platform to establish a collector for gathering responses based on a questionnaire template.
  3. Eventually, another instance of email automation takes place to prepare personalized emails. The flow directs emails to operations specialists for reviewing and sending out to clients.

Tailored touch

For the automated email system to work without a hitch, we had to lay the right foundation. This included establishing a centralized spreadsheet repository to store client emails and relevant data for survey creation. Using an API, the flow accesses associated questionnaire templates to create a separate response collector for each client.

The possibility to create custom survey invitations was a critical requirement when automating email generation. We fulfilled it by using variables to populate the body and subject fields with a client’s name, project name, and response collector link. This helped us ensure an individual approach to our respondents.

Business outcome

The robotic flow for launching survey campaigns leverages mail automation to enable prompt and reliable customer feedback collection, effectively reducing manual effort. With each survey created in a few seconds, the solution performs regular work with impressive productivity.

Our operations specialists no longer need to switch between applications and copy-paste client information to create surveys and compose personalized email invitations. The automated flow does that for them, ensuring error-free data entry, customization, and survey management as our client base continues to grow.

Besides successfully implementing email automation, we also established automatic tracking and management of survey campaigns. Now, we can confidently rely on a schedule-based, self-triggered algorithm that starts and handles the process of collecting customer feedback. This optimization helps us streamline our communication with clients and boost their satisfaction when working with us.

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