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5 Best hosting with WordPress in 2022


If you’re thinking about starting your WordPress website or blog, you should research the most acceptable Best hosting with WordPress.

A full image is formed by combining the data of the largest WordPress hosting poll ever undertaken with the opinions of our over 670,000 monthly visitors to produce a comprehensive picture.

Here are some of the top hosting options for eCommerce websites and the best hosting for business email. Investigate which company would be the best WordPress hosting fit for your specific requirements:

Hosting Partners

Top Brand Hosting Partners

Hosting is important. If you’re here, that means you deserve the very best hosting from our Partners.

The Best hosting with WordPress

Best hosting with WordPress

These ratings are based on real-world data. Use the quick search box below to get the top results; here’s a table with the top 5 WordPress hosting companies and all the information you need:

1. Kinsta Hosting Review

kinsta hosting review

Kinsta is a somewhat more costly web host, but it is also a WordPress-friendly option. Kinsta takes pride in providing exceptional performance and scalability for WordPress websites.

Plan, Performance, and Rating

  • Starting at $25.00 every month
  • Traffic limit: 25,000 visits per month
  • 100 percent uptime
  • 1.01seconds for loading
  • Overall rating: 4 out of 5

Customer service

Kinsta provides live chat and ticket help around the clock. The staff is well-versed in WordPress and can assist you with any issues you may be experiencing. Furthermore, not having to deal with cPanel will lessen the number of times you need to contact assistance in the first place.


  • A personal dashboard with site stats and analytics.
  • Backups are created daily by an automatic system and the manual backups that are performed.
  • A staging area for testing site modifications.
  • Including SiteGround, WP Engine, and Flywheel.
  • SSL certificate.
  • Google Cloud security tools include firewalls and uptime checks.
  • Access to your site through Secure Shell (SSH) for development purposes.
  • KeyCDN CDN bandwidth is included.

2. WP Engine Hosting Review

WP Engine Hosting Review

WP Engine is unquestionably on the more costly end of the spectrum regarding our best WordPress hosting services. It is the best hosting with WordPress. But this company has one significant advantage: it is the most popular WordPress-only server on the market.

Plan, Performance, and Rating

  • Starting at $20.00 every month
  • Traffic limit: 25,000 visits per month
  • 99.99 percent uptime
  • 1.03 seconds for loading
  • Overall rating: 4 out of 5

Customer service

WP Engine plans feature an abundance of support. You’ll get access to dedicated support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through phone, email, or live chat. You may quickly get assistance from your user portal.


  • Simple migrations from your previous host.
  • A free SSL certificate is a must.
  • Help in establishing staging areas.
  • There are several performance tracking and diagnostic tools.

3. Bluehost Hosting Review

bluehost hosting review

Here, we choose the essential bundle. Only Bluehost is non-monthly. Twelve-month commitments are required. However, this is mitigated somewhat by a solid money-back guarantee policy, which I have personally used.

Plan, Performance, and Rating

  • Starting at $2.95 every month
  • No metered traffic is allowed.
  • 100 percent uptime
  • 2.18s for loading
  • Overall rating: 4 out of 5

Customer service

Service via chat support was quick and pleasant, and it assisted us in resolving early WordPress installation issues and creating a temporary URL to visit our site. First, let’s talk about assistance. Excellent support service is the foundation of every hosting company, and you must be confident in its quality before evaluating any other factor.


  • Bluehost provides native support for ManageWP, beginning with five websites on their basic plan.
  • This is a WordPress-only control panel.

We expected a bit more from Bluehost in terms of specific features, given that some plans are promoted towards WordPress power users. Let’s see how the host does in other areas.

4. Liquid Web Hosting Review

liquid web hosting review

Many prominent brands have confidence in Liquid Web. This company was chosen as our Editors’ Choice for managed hosting service provider because it outperforms the competition in several areas, including uptime and customer satisfaction. A company that uses managed hosting does not keep its servers on-site. Instead, they are hosted in a web host’s data center. It is the best hosting for eCommerce websites. That may sound like any web hosting service description, but Liquid Web goes beyond merely remotely providing files.

Plan, Performance, and Rating

  • Starting at $15.00 every month
  • No metered traffic is allowed.
  • 99.99 percent uptime
  • 2.5s for loading
  • Overall rating: 4 out of 5

Customer service

Calling Liquid Web’s Heroic Support team gets you to support in under a minute, In under 30 minutes via support desk, and 59 seconds via chat. Is that clear? Yes, it is. We used the live discussion on a weekday morning to compare cloud versus conventional hosting.


  • High Uptime Reliability
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Expensive, yet quite capable for large businesses
  • Inexpensive, no returns.
  • Firewalls, virus detection and removal, virtual private networks (VPN), Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and other services are available from the organization.

5. Hostinger Hosting Review

Hostinger Hosting Review

Recent entrant Hostinger has swiftly established themselves. The key reason is their highly competitive pricing. To get started with Hostinger, the monthly fee is only $1.99, which is an unbeatable value.

Hostinger also offers various hosting plans, including shared, cloud, virtual private server (VPS), and dedicated services. You can also know this hosting with the best hosting for business email. Aside from that, you’ll get a free domain name and one-click WordPress installation, which will significantly speed up the launch of your website.

Plan, Performance, and Rating

  • Starting at $1.99 every month
  • 100 GB bandwidth is allowed.
  • 99.89% uptime
  • 1.05s for loading
  • Overall rating: 3 out of 5

Customer service

After cost, support is a vital hosting service for many customers. You’ll have questions while setting up your WordPress website on shared hosting. While the internet is complete with valuable ideas and instructive pieces, having a direct channel to address your unique questions is always a plus. Hostinger’s support team is available around the clock in more than 20 different languages, contributing to increased customer satisfaction.


Consider some of Hostinger’s plans. You’ll discover various projects here, including shared, cloud, virtual private server (VPS), and dedicated. Hostinger provides shared hosting packages to get your site up and running. It has these features:

  • The support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in over 20 languages.
  • WordPress installation in one click
  • A no-cost domain name
  • Enhanced security includes daily backups and a free SSL certificate.
  • Almost limitless bandwidth

Conclusion – Best hosting with WordPress

Above, we have discussed the best hosting with WordPress, the best hosting for eCommerce websites, and the best hosting for business email. Choose a WordPress hosting service that is swift, cheap, and reliable. It is possible to run a WordPress site on a dedicated server. This improves your website’s security, performance, and overall user experience. If you’ve chosen a web host and are dissatisfied, you may quickly move to another.

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